How to ‘Retro style’ your Facebook Timeline profile

Mar 30

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With the increased popularity in creating custom facebook graphics for your timeline, we took it upon ourselfs to make a kit to enable any skill level of photoshop user to create their own Vintage style rofile graphic.

How does it work? well first you need to purchase our kit on Graphicriver, it comes with 7 pre designed slides, 10 vintage photo effects, 12 text editable graphics, 7 retro texture effects and 7 border effects, all for only $4 – it’s a steal!

We’ll start by opening the Photoshop file, and you should see the default Miami skyline photo. For this demo im going to insert a new photo, to do this im going to right click on the yellow highlighted layer and choose ‘replace image’

I’ve picked one of my honeymoon photos, a beach in the Maldives to be exact. We’ve scaled this to fit and positioned it leaving a bit of blue sky to drop some text in later.

Next we’re going to play with the Vintage effect layers, to achieve the best results play around here and try turning on all of the layers individually. Here I’ve gone with two effects (Vintage_1 & Vintage_2) to produce the desired effect, if you’re a bit more experienced with photoshop try adjusting the layer effects within the folder to tweak and perfect the result.

Next we’re going to add one of the texture layers to the photo to give it a bit more of a grungy appearance, these are totally optional.

Now we’ve added the cream border effect, and then edited one of the custom preset text graphics with our own message. The file has been set up with layer masks so you wont be able to place your text where it will be cut off by the smaller profile picture.

Finally we’ve uploaded the photo to Facebook, Facebooks image compression has reduced the quality slightly but we think this just adds to the vintage effect!

We would love to see what you have created with our kit! feel free to show us here or email us

One comment

  1. Drew

    Wow… these look super sweet!

    Love the designs and very helpful guide to boot! This is gonna help loads of people and businesses make their timelines look the nuts… great job!

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